How are pubs benefitting from the ‘staycation‘ trend?

Since the start of the pandemic, travel restrictions combined with covid-related anxiety have caused us Brits to resort to a holiday closer to home this year. With that in mind, pubs have seized this opportunity and are adapting to this domestic holiday trend.

Although we find ourselves entering a recession, Travelodge have predicted this staycation trend will boost the UK economy to £16.5bn, increasing from a lower sum of £14.8bn in 2014.

UK Summer cash splash

 British holiday-goers embracing the familiar countryside this summer are willing to spend more money to make up for the lack of a ‘proper’ holiday. In fact, statistics show that the average spend this year is £823, increased by a significant 37% from the previous year’s £399.28.

A report also revealed that 37% of Britons would choose a ‘staycation’ over a European holiday destination to help contribute to their own economy. By staying in your own country and travelling more locally, citizens naturally feel more comfortable to spend more due to a heightened familiarity with the culture and currency.

Higher demand

With a sudden surge of Brits settling down in local soil, pubs are having to cater for more tourists than ever before.

Staycations are becoming increasingly popular now that quarantine has been enforced on people visiting or returning to the UK from countries that have rising infections and could trigger a second wave; France has recently been added to the list of countries along with Spain and Greece.

Not only are they having to accommodate a higher volume of customers, they also must abide by the government guidelines with socially distanced tables and mobile ordering as key priorities.

Hotels that provide overnight accommodation are experiencing an exceptionally high rate of demand. For instance, accommodation website Stay in a Pub reported a 104% increase in activity compared to the previous month as well as an 18% increase versus the same time frame from the preceding year, since pubs reopened early July.

Sale statistics

With increased demand comes boosted revenue.

 Several pubs, have benefitted from the influx of local tourists flocking to home ground as they spread the word which gains the business publicity. If a pub is popular amongst residents and Brits from other parts of the UK, there will be less seasonal thriving and more of an all-year-ROUND success.

Here’s to the future of pubs and their glorified resilience.

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