Why mobile ordering is better than queuing at bars

Mobile ordering has so many benefits, in comparison to queuing at bars. Here is a short list, in case you hadn’t been convinced before!

  1. Ease

Undoubtedly, the best bit about mobile ordering is that it is so easy! Simply take a seat, get comfortable and open up the app to order. You don’t have to stand in a queue, waiting uncomfortably for your turn. Chances are, you’ll have gotten your mobile out already, so why not order that way too? 

  1. Cashless

With modern day technology, more and more people are going cashless. By using an order and pay app, it is even easier to remain cashless and reorder via the same payment method. Whilst you might be able to pay via card at the bar, using an order and pay app ensures you can always pay by contactless (useful for those of us who have forgotten our pin) and without any till related issues! 

  1. Less need to rush

With mobile ordering, you don’t need to rush to the bar when it suddenly looks quiet. You can relax at your table and order as you please, without needing to be an opportunist! 

  1. Easier to explore the menu

Quite possibly the best thing about an order and pay app is that it allows customers to explore the menu at their leisure. At the bar, people usually feel rushed to order or take only  a quick glance at the tap. Seated at their table, they can peruse for as long as they like and expand their tastes, if they so fancy!

  1. Quick

Last but not least, mobile order and pay apps make everything nice and speedy. The order comes through, one member of staff can pour and prepare whilst another waits and delivers. You’ll still be able to serve at the bar but also keep the queue down and keep customers happy overall with wait times. Customers won’t have to linger at the bar waiting for their drink after paying, giving staff extra time and the opportunity for someone else to order!

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