How Snacks Can Help Pubs Out During Coronavirus

Before this pandemic, going to the pub and having a snack was the normal thing to do. Not only did customers enjoy doing it, the pubs also received revenue from it; a win win situation. However, once this pandemic hit, there were many drawbacks for pubs. 

The snack industry could now help pubs gain that revenue back. By inviting people to the pub for events (i.e. a football match), not only will you have a lot of customers ordering drinks, but also snacks. Everyone loves a football match with a beer and some crisps with dips. Not only do snacks keep people out as they can drink and please their hunger, but it also attracts more customers. 

Because of lockdown, we are able to analyse which trends have worked best with customers as everything became digital. More people started ordering online, and people started eating healthier. Businesses can use this information to attract and retain customers. More pubs can switch to veggie crisps, healthier dips, and no-added sugar snacks. 

Customers may be more prone to buy generic crisps and nuts as this pandemic has taken a toll on many people’s income. However, because we are spending less time at the pub, when we are there we may buy premium snacks as a way to treat themselves. Because lockdown has made us miss so much of the year, all the trends that used to exist and now heightened. More people are likely to buy snacks at the pub while watching a game to make up for the time lost when they weren’t allowed to do that. Now that our freedom is slowly coming more of us are treating ourselves as we now see it as a ‘once in a while’ thing rather than a regular one. 

Although COVID-19 has forced some businesses to take a major hit, now that pubs are reopening and more and more people are coming out, businesses can start using snacks as a way to boost the influx of customers. In terms of Coronavirus, pre packaged snacks are also more hygienic in terms of spreading the virus. It is important for pubs to continue providing snacks, if not more than they used to. By doing this they will be more likely to succeed in numbers. 

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